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White Paper

Introducing IDIOT Coin

It's for Idiots


Our White Paper

Idiot Coin has nothing to recommend it. You can’t do anything with the coin, except hope that it will increase in value. That won’t happen. And no amount of “shilling” on social media will make this baby budge, so don’t get any ideas about creating a buzz about it on Twitter or Discord or Reddit or anywhere else. It’s hopeless.


There are a total of 21 million Idiot Coins. Seven million can be acquired. The problem is that there is only about $30 of liquidity -- that's a fancy word for "money" -- in the coin. Yeah, it's next to nothing. Most coins start with a thousand dollars worth of liquidity. It's almost as though the Idiot Coin developer wants this thing to fail!

How To Buy $Idiot


Do not buy Idiot Coin


Seriously. Do not buy Idiot Coin.


If you insist on buying Idiot Coin, please read steps 1 and 2 again.


Why are you still reading this? Buying Idiot Coin is a terrible idea. This isn’t irony or misdirection or reverse psychology. 


If you insist on forging ahead, get ready for the insanely arduous ordeal that is navigating the land of cryptocurrency. As you open accounts and apps, you will be asked, time and again, for personal information. This is likely to include a photo of you holding the first page of your passport. Also, you’ll be issued lots of passwords. If you lose any of them, there is no way to get them back. And any crypto in that account is gone forever. Good luck!


On the plus side, there are tons of how-to tutorials on YouTube for just about every problem you will encounter. Many have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Those are all people every bit as baffled by this process as you.


Instead of a step-by-step guide, what you’ll find here is a rough outline. Anything more specific might encourage you. Suffice it to say, you’re going to need to create accounts with Coinbase and Trust Wallet. Also, you'll need to swap your favorite fiat currency for BNB, a cryptocurrency.


If you encounter problems or dead ends on this journey, bummer. There is basically no customer service in Cryptoland.


Oh, at just about every step of the way in this exasperating process you will be charged fees. Just so you know.


This whole maze ends at an exchange called Bakery Swap. 


To swap the BNB you acquired along the way, you’ll need the Idiot Coin smart contract address. It is 0xcf0a8ef5ae54b15588b337454c71bb4cb466d584. 


If you have done everything correctly, your Idiot Coin should end up in your Trust Wallet. Congrats. Sadly, there's nothing you can do with your Idiot Coins, other than hope they will go up. Which they won't.

How to Buy

Meet the Team




Butterfingerz has been involved in the cryptocurrency market for more than six weeks. Before making Idiot Coin he focused on regular coins, to the extent that he focused on coins at all. His favorite coin is the quarter. 




Oscar is a dog.

Meet The Team
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